How to migrate my environments from another Jelastic provider?


This article provides a step by step procedure for migrating the environment from another Jelastic provider to Cloudjiffy. 

Topology migration is the first step in migrating my application architecture from another provider to us. It is important to note that this feature only allows me to set up an environment with the architecture but doesn’t pull the data. This needs to be done manually which is again explained in the steps below.

Note: If the versions of apps are not present in our platform they would be replaced automatically with newer versions. So you make sure that if you need an older version to be enabled in order for your application to work.


1 - Take backup from the old provider.

  • App Server: To take the backup of app server data, refer to the below link:

  • Database Server: To take the backup of the database, refer to the below options:
  3. Login to PHPMyAdmin, select the database, and export the database.

2 - Migrating data.

You can create a new environment with the specific topology or you can export the topology from another Jelastic provider and import it over here.

  • Now you can deploy the archived file which is taken in step 1 for the app data. OR you can also deploy the data by using git/svn.

Note: You can check our knowledgebase for other languages.

  • For importing the database(s) in the new database server, refer to the below options:
  3. Login to PHPMyAdmin, Create the database, Select the database, and import the database.

Note: Phpmyadmin link and its credentials, you will receive in your email when you create the environment.

3 - Connection between the App server and Database Server

After migrating all the data, you need to add/check the connection between the app and the database server. You can refer to the below link:

Note: For other languages, You can check our knowledgebase.

4 - Troubleshooting

If my site/application doesn’t work after migration, please refer to the logs in order to resolve issues.

If you fail to resolve the issue or need further assistance, please contact us through our email

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