How can I configure Environment Start/Stop Scheduler Add-On?

The Env Start/Stop Scheduler add-on is intended to automatically shut down and relaunch an environment based on the prescribed timing instructions. The schedule is tied to the Time Zones. Such automated environment lifecycle management allows to cut spends on testing and dev projects by turning them off when no development is carried out (e.g. during nighttime or weekend).

How to Apply Environment Start/Stop Scheduling

 Go to "Add-Ons"

Install Env Start/Stop Scheduler as shown below:


Within the installation frame:

  • enable/disable environment Stop action
  • specify at what time the environment must be stopped
  • check/uncheck the days of the week the Stop action to be applied
  • enable/disable environment Start action
  • specify at what time the environment must be started
  • check/uncheck the days of the week the Start action to be applied
  • pick the Time Zone in which the actions must be performed
  • choose the target environment that should be managed by add-on in the Environment name field
  • if required in the Nodes field, get a node the add-on will be applied to or leave unchanged as it was fetched upon selecting the environment


Click Install to initiate the scheduler integration.

The installation results in the confirmation window:

Managing Start/Stop Scheduler

In case you need to change the initial Stop and Start trigger conditions, click the Add-ons button next to the server it was installed to and select Configure at the appropriate scheduler plank (alternatively, the same could be applied with add-on re-installation).

In case this solution is not needed anymore, use the menu at the top-right corner of the same plank to Uninstall it.

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